Our members

Sarah Anderson


"It is important to me to serve others and show kindness! God calls us to serve others and it is super fun to do this with a group of great friends!"

Meredith Bille


"I enjoy being a part of Girls Doing Good because it gives me an opportunity to give back to others. I love seeing the way a small act of kindness can impact the people in my community."

Reagan Gales


"I am in Girls Doing Good because I like to help out the community. I enjoy doing it because I'm with my best friends and we are all able to do activities together."

Paige Hohman


"Giving back to the community is something I love to do. Being able to do that with your best friends makes it even better!"

Kelsey Hulbert


"Being a part of Girls Doing Good is a great way to take part in helping the community and I get to do fun activities with some of my best friends."

Addison Keys


"Being in Girls Doing Good means that I get to help others along with the people I am closest to."

Stephanie Kiefer


"I enjoy being part of Girls Doing Good because it's a way to have fun hanging out with friends, as well as doing good to help others."

Sarah Maloney


"I enjoy being part of Girls Doing Good knowing that I'm making a difference in other peoples' lives."

Emily mcadoo


"I enjoy Girls Doing Good because I am able to give back to my community and do good with my best friends!"

Taylor sinicki


"I participate in Girls Doing Good because I try to take advantage of opportunities to help others. My faith and my parents have taught me we are all here to help each other. We are all equal and each person should be treated with respect. I am thankful that I am blessed and want to share with others."

taylor tumulty


"It's a reward to be able to help others and impact the world even in small steps, but doing it with a group of great girls is a bonus."